100% natural antler dog chews


RogiDogi 100% natural dog chews. Every RogiDogi dog chew is unique. Each has a different shape and colour, because it’s a handmade product using antlers shed by deer.


price 130 pln

size xl

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price 90 pln

size L

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price 70 pln

size M

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price 50 pln

size S

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price 30 pln

size xs

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RogiDogi is primarily about completely natural chew toys for dogs.

Each RogiDogi chew is unique, has a different shape, size, and colour, because it’s a handmade product using antlers shed by deer.

Every year during the rutting season deer shed their antlers to renew them again in a stronger and bigger form. We use absolutely only those antlers, which get individually and naturally shed by the animals. No animals were harmed during the search for the material used in RogiDogi chew toys. Our natural chews are very exceptional, seeing as the amount of them that we can process to have is solely dictated by the nature. We will not produce more goods than the amount that we can directly find left in the woods.

Biting and chewing is a natural pleasure and an instinctive occupation for every dog. Dogs love RogiDogi chews because they give off natural scent, which is found to be very exciting for them.

  1. RogiDogi products don’t contain preservatives, coloring agents, or flavor enhancers.
  2. They clean dog’s teeth, at the same time without producing uncomfortable smell, or getting sticky or gooey while chewing them.
  3. They don’t deteriorate and last for months.
  4. They bring relaxation to dogs in new or stressful situations.
  5. They contain essential minerals and nutrients, which supply a healthy diet.

RogiDogi products are safe for dog’s teeth, although they need to be correctly adjusted to the size of the dog:

  1. XS for for the little dog (np. Chihuahua, Pomeranian)
  2. S for dogs with little snouts (e.g. Maltese, Toy Groups).
  3. M for dogs with medium sized snouts (e.g. Spaniel, Beagle, Dachshund).
  4. L for dogs with large snouts (e.g. Doberman, Pointer, German Shepherd).

We don’t recommend for dogs younger than 8 months and older than 10 years to play with chew toys, seeing as their teeth are not appropriately adapted to chewing on hard objects.

If after a couple of months the dog loses interest in a given RogiDogi chew toy, it’s sufficient to put the product in boiling water for a few seconds, as it’s enough to trigger off its natural scent again.

Make sure your dog gnaws on the RogiDogi chew toy and doesn’t try to bite it in half. Pet owners are also offered more useful products. For the time being we have cotton tote bags, pillowcases, or cloths (picnic cloths, kitchen cloths, tea towels), each with a unique and handmade appliqué design of a selected breed.

Every RogiDogi product is Polish.